Content Production

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Translation Services

Translation is an integral part of today’s global business world, where your target audience needs to communicate effectively and to achieve your desired results. As a professional translation service provider, we demonstrate our commitment to quality by consistently meeting expectations of our customers. We provide quick translation services in over 70 languages and are considered an expert in website translation services, technical manual translation services, medical translation services and legal translation services. We offer translation services in many languages including German, Spanish, English, French, Russian, Scandinavian, Arabic and many more Asian languages.
The services we offer are adaptable to our clients requirements. Quality and speed are two of the main reasons we have gained our clients’ trust.

XML Solution

Qudigit Technology's XML services and solutions are a true testament to our commitment to technology.
At Qudigit Technology, we excel at delivering efficient, cost-effective workflows. A team of more than 100 experienced software professionals keeps constantly abreast of the advancements in technology to deliver qualitative XML solutions.
We handle many successful projects involving the conversion of text and images into specified formats like PDF/HTML/SGML/XML with embedded hyperlinks. XML is a system for defining, validating and sharing document formats across the globe today. XML is fast becoming the new information management standard over the internet. We constantly improve and develop our XML expertise to meet the conversion requirements of our clients.

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Design & Illustration

The state-of-the-art Design Studio at Qudigit Technology is home to a delightful symphony of creativity and technology.
Our design and illustration experts create high-quality instructional designs and tailor their illustrations to create the desired output. These professionals produce visually appealing layouts by combining typography, visual arts, and page layout techniques to produce engaging page designs that maximize the reader’s experience.
Keeping in mind the most minute and exacting technical details, our in-house team of designers, illustrators, and image research specialists join forces to create attention-grabbing and lively illustrations.

Image Research

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Qudigit Technology helps you find that picture. Qudigit Technology specializes in providing creative and ingenious image research services. An intuitive and experienced team of image researchers zeroes in on the most suitable photographs and imagery available.
At Qudigit Technology, a holistic approach is followed, which enables us to develop and deploy unique solutions for our customers.
Based on data such as the client brief, a thorough content assessment, the audience profile, and other input, we deliver the best possible images, always with an eye toward proper permission management (i.e., seeking proper permissions and employing the most cost-effective ways to secure the necessary rights). As with all our services, technology plays an integral role in the image research function.

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Content Tagging

Tags are Web page and/or database descriptors – e.g., title, author, language, date, subject – that are assigned to documents. One of their main purposes is to help people find information. Tags can be assigned to document descriptions, can be assigned to the documents themselves, or both. Tags can be assigned by document authors, information professionals, editorial assistants, or even by computer programs.
As a pioneer and a front-runner in providing and processing content for both print and digital segments, Qudigit Technology enjoys the distinction of being one of the first companies in India to offer end-to-end content solutions for the global publishing market. The right blend of creativity, knowledge, technology, and four decades of experience makes it one of the most trusted partners for providing quality content services and solutions.

Keyboarding, Scanning, OCR

Qudigit Technology offers professional assistance to global clients in word processing, offline typing services, data entry services and OCR scanning services. Our keyboarding solutions are tailored to meet your requirements, house style and deadlines. We serve a wide range of clients, including individuals as well as organizations such as corporate companies, government bodies, local authorities, publishing houses, research organizations, university departments and businesses.

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Content Conversion into Digital Formats

We can convert your content into any digital format, enabling you to target new markets and deliver your content in a variety of ways. We can handle any type of print or electronic input and convert it into the format of your choice, including PDF, ePub, Mobi and XML. We work with a wide range of devices and content types, including eBooks, monographs, handbooks, manuals, eJournals, directories, databases, CDs and DVDs.