E-book Services

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E-book Conversation

We have a separate pool of 350+ resources in our office for eBook services, conversion, and new media services.
We support and facilitate the tagging of content (XML, HTML, etc.) to meet the requirements of document type definitions (DTDs) in use at the customer’s end.
# We offer a full range of conversion services including:
# Text conversion
# Digital artwork conversion

eBook Conversion in Multiple Formats

We specialise in converting print ready files or application source file into the eBook format of your choice or any file into ePub, ePDF, and Mobi formats, suitable for the Apple iPad and iPhone, the Kindle and Kindle Fire, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and many other readers.
# Fixed format ePUB and KF8
# Enhanced eBooks
# ePub 3.0 formatting
# iPad, Smart Phone, eReaders, Tablets

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Book & Journal Services

We provide multi-skilled and multi-platform resources, enabling us to produce the best output in the publishing of books relating to various subjects.
# Books – Educational; History; Cookery; Scientific; Technical and Medical, Mathematical
# Journals – Scientific, Technical and Medical; Mathematical
# We are well equipped, with various kinds of typesetting and page design services, and we are very well capable to work in most languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese. One of our specialties is the setting of both English as well as non-English text on the same page, taking care of the typographic nuances of both languages.