Now that FaceBook has emerged as one of the world's largest advertising and marketing platform, leveraging its potential to gain the maximum possible output has become indispensable for online businesses. BrainPulse provides integrated Facebook Marketing Services to promote brand awareness, increase fan base and drive sales. It lets you build, promote and strengthen your web presence by using gigantic platform of 800 millions of users.

Qudigit Technologyis the best social media marketing company for your brand promotions online. We work on strategies and on the basis of that we run campaigns which creates brand presence in the market. The Market is changing a lot in with changing scenario people believe in what they see rather than mouth to mouth publicity. Times are changing and Social media is becoming the next big thing in business.

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Facebook Advertising & Promotion

A premier social media channel with over 900 million active users on board, Facebook empowers marketers to strengthen audience outreach effectively. Following are the direct benefits you can get when you go for business promotion via Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook marketing India team creates effective, audience centric Facebook campaigns. Campaigns are designed to target potential customers based on preferred locations, gender, age, interest and previous interactions. From creation of a Facebook campaign to its launch; and from promotion to the measurement, our Facebook marketing team does it all.

Create a community around your products and services.

We try to provide you best FaceBook services in India with highly effective strategies, social media campaigns, PR and advertisements. We try to keep you informed about every challenge you need to face in the coming future. Our team tries to increase awareness of your brand in this competitive market.


Building a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy as per client’s business needs.

Highlighting your brand events, seminars and conferences etc. among your Facebook audience.

Posting business related news and events on your Facebook business page.

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