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Every student can fulfill own dream. Student will make own career from your home town through Edmento. When we compare our country growth to USA,Japan,china etc popular country. we take various factors into consideration and education is one of them. While urban city are getting the best of infrastructure, facilities and institute, institute or college in rural areas are still struggling for facilities as basic as best education. Lack of teaching staff knowledge and motivation among students are two of the major reasons behind poor education quality in rural schools. 85% of the government schools are in villages, and do not get the benefit of quality education.
Edmento is a Online E-learning Education Platform organization that aims to improve the quality of education in rural regions of India through online presence. The primary purpose that the organization strives to drive is creating a knowledgeable and empowered rural India through quality education.
Our main purpose is “Everyone have a dream, and they can try to make own dream true, not for that at rural region there is not having a quality education,and they can’t afford education form urban city , thatswhy our platform provide quality education through internet.