Publishing Services

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Our editors are recruited for their expertise in language editing and their knowledge of the subject matter. Each editor assigned to a particular publisher’s work is trained to meet that publisher’s specific style and technical requirements – i.e. publisher’s house style, AMA Manual of Style, APA style, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.
The editor may work directly with the author or through the publisher’s production staff to enhance the author’s work.

Composition Services

Qudigit Technology provides composition services for both print and electronic media, which includes the following:
# Typesetting from manuscript or client-supplied files.
# Data capture and conversion services.
# Editing services, including technical editing, copyediting, and language editing.
# Design and graphics services, including scanning, file conversion, redrawing and relabelling of artwork.
# We have considerable experience with industry-standard composition tools, such as Advent 3B2, LaTeX, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker, and with MathType and ChemDraw files.

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Book & Journal Services

We provide multi-skilled and multi-platform resources, enabling us to produce the best output in the publishing of books relating to various subjects.
# Books – Educational; History; Cookery; Scientific; Technical and Medical, Mathematical
# Journals – Scientific, Technical and Medical; Mathematical
# We are well equipped, with various kinds of typesetting and page design services, and we are very well capable to work in most languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese. One of our specialties is the setting of both English as well as non-English text on the same page, taking care of the typographic nuances of both languages.


Qudigit Technology develops and delivers highly engaging and interactive e-learning solutions that stimulate excellence and innovation.
We excels at developing a wide array of e-learning solutions. The uniqueness of our e-learning programs lies in their customization and self-directed approach. This allows learners to choose the right content and tools as per their unique needs, skill levels, and interests.

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Bringing life to characters is Qudigit Technology’s passion.
We’s technical prowess and artistic sensibility deliver excellence to every animation project. Our graphic designers work closely with the script writer to create animation that makes a lasting impression.
At Qudigit Technology, we ensure that your needs are met precisely and at the agreed time. Our highly-skilled animators and graphic designers, effective software tools, and commitment to delivering quality enable us to imbue life to your characters.
We employ the latest and most advanced tools in order to develop effective and high quality 2D/3D animations and special effects according to your requirements and business goals.


Qudigit Technology specializes in Multimedia services to amplify your brand volume and interactivity.
The experts at Qudigit Technology empower you to amaze your audience at every turn with highly creative and captivating multimedia content.
Qudigit Technology has been a pioneer in developing interactive multimedia solutions that work across various platforms and devices. By using the creative magic of images, videos, animations, and voice-overs, our team efficaciously creates the desired informative, educational, or entertaining content, in either 2D or 3D format.

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